Breast Cancer – Current Issues and Promising Techniques

Currently, thirty-five states have either put laws into effect or are in the process of passing laws that require breast density information be given to patients with their mammogram results. Wisconsin is not one of those states.[1] Additionally, research has shown that women with dense breasts may be up to six times more likely to develop breast cancer,[2] so it is important there are adequate means of screening these patients and ways of being proactive regarding breast cancer. Fortunately, a new technology, SoftVue, is being investigated locally. Led by Delphinus and in joint collaboration with Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and the LivingWell Foundation, SoftVue is a new style of breast imaging that incorporates the attenuation of conventional mammography with the acoustic properties of ultrasound scans.[3] It is seeking FDA approval in hopes of proving its capability of finding more cancers and reducing false-positives and -negatives, particularly in women with dense breasts.[4]


1st Author: Tessa Miller

2nd Author: Rudy Lin, MD


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