Meet Our Team Driven to Improve the Health of Our Community

About the Living Well Foundation

Physician led 501 (c)(3) federal income tax exempt public charitable organization with a mission to improve the health of our local community.


Dr. Patel
Bruce Douglas
Lisa Behlman




















Living Well Foundation is Wisconsin’s partner in building innovative healthcare solutions. We partner with organizations, individuals, and other foundations who support community-driven programs such as breast cancer screenings, health education, and women’s care initiatives.

If you are looking to build a health community that changes lives and improves overall quality of life, please contact us today. We’re building the Fox Cities/Green Bay area to be a leader in medicine, technology, and quality of life.

  • Expertise:
    • Enhanced understanding of high-quality clinical medicine and imaging technologies.
  • Goals
    • Create a vascular disease screening program
    • Support Women’s health initiatives
    • Help develop and bring new healthcare technologies to our community.
    • Improve the quality of medical care and practice in our community through mentorship and educational programs.

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