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Over 40% of females in the U.S. have dense breast tissue leaving a large percentage of women at a disadvantage when it comes to breast cancer screening and detection.


Dense Breast Tissue Imaging

It is now widely understood that mammography alone is not sufficient to detect breast cancer for women with dense breasts.

Mammography demonstrates variances in the attenuation of x-radiation as it passes through tissue. The challenge with dense breast tissue is that it can have similar attenuating properties as cancer, so a sufficient level of variance may not be appreciated by mammography, particularly problematic in the dense breast. Unlike mammography, SoftVue™ is not confounded by breast density and can find masses apart from the dense tissue based on differing acoustic properties.

 Women who have dense breast tissue have a higher risk of breast cancer compared to women with less dense breast tissue. In fact, high breast density is a greater risk factor than having two first degree relatives with breast cancer. 

Gentler Option

As a 3D whole breast ultrasound system, SoftVue™ brings a safer and softer imaging solution, introducing a new approach to imaging the entire breast using sound and water. The exam is private and discreet, the breast is not openly seen during the scanning process and there is no compression and no radiation.

At Delphinus, we are working to assist physicians gain accurate information to better detect breast cancer where it can be the most challenging, in dense breast tissue. While developing better imaging science, we are striving for a better breast imaging experience for women. SoftVue has received FDA clearance for diagnostic imaging purposes and is not intended for use as a replacement for screening mammography.